In today’s corporate environment, change management, talent management and diversity play a key role in decision making – they are essential, not optional

Today’s companies use diversity as a strategic instrument. The work I do with clients aims at creating the space required that allows them to navigate in a complex environment, identify and understand the opportunities available as well as develop innovative solutions to address the strategic issues they face. At the same time the value of the skill sets of the individuals in the company need to be leveraged. I and my team will concentrate on:

  • Sustaining and growing profitability, innovation and competitiveness
  • Designing and optimizing relevant processes within the organization (change management, diversity management)
  • Ensuring attractiveness as an employer (‘employer of choice’)
  • Generational management: supporting managers and employees to develop the available
    resources of knowledge, know-how and competence as well to foster hidden talent within
    the organization

Over time, organizations need to adapt their ‘generational structure’, markets, clients and products. The ability to do this well requires heightened creativity among employees and a greater ability among managers to take on and manage risk. Cultural and demographic change must constantly be borne in mind: 

  • During mergers & acquisitions which require a blending of different cultures and mindsets
  • When recruiting, retaining and developing employees
  • When addressing different stakeholders

Together with you I help exploit the opportunities that offer themselves. Me and my team have a long history of helping clients with change management, organizational structure and diversity issues. We have experience across an array of cultures and languages and use them accordingly.