Organizations are as diverse as their employees, markets and products. For that reason, solutions need to be tailor-made.

Organizational and human resources development

  • A host of analyses -  including cultural analyses -  as important building blocks in order to implement an effective and high performing organization
  • Development of more flexible human capital frameworks allowing the organization to respond and react more quickly to changes (e.g. competency and career models, job-family-approach).

Demographic change / diversity & inclusion

  • Development of a business-oriented Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) strategy
  • Advice and support in the strategic planning around demographic change using a Balanced Scorecard
  • Incorporating the D&I strategy into the organizational matrix and existing human resources processes (e.g. employee life-cycle) as well as HR- products
  • Development and holding of diversity workshops
  • Interlocking the triad of Diversity – Talent management – and Leadership by addressing the necessary questions around change and intercultural management
  • Support in strategic and interdependent areas such as strategic communication, leadership development programs, intercultural communication for China / USA and Spain by bringing in the appropriate expert resources