Case studies

International company in the specialty chemicals branch:

Background: during a strategic overhaul, a global company divested a number of business units. The ‘NewCo’ needed a framework for
its human resources activities as well as transparency around the various roles and functions. The aim was to establish a model to accommodate different levels of accountability, remuneration grades and career paths.

Solution: Based on a cross-organizational analysis of the ‘NewCo’ reviewing their strategy, responsibilities and skill-set, the organization
was mapped by job families, showing possible career paths.

International financial services company:

Background: Aware of demographic change in Germany, the company needed to develop a strategy to understand better the expected employee lifecycle.

Solution: A detailed analysis on the generational distribution within the company, including pension plans, retirement and health costs, recruiting pipeline as well as external factors was needed in order to define and roll-out two cross-divisional projects (‘Definition of career: today vs. tomorrow’ and ‘Health management’).

International company in the chemicals industry:

Background: To remain „best in class“, the company chose to develop a global competency model to be used for management world-wide. In creating such a framework the competencies needed to be valid and accepted across the globe. The model was expected to serve as a basis for future promotions as well as for the evaluation of performance and development.

Solution: By means of focused, cross-divisional interviews a globally valid model is developed and embedded in the HR structure. In a next step, the design of a development center was completed.